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Garbage Chute System

While rising higher in buildings, more needs are to maintain the quality of design, and to reach optimum solutions for sustainable high-rise buildings.

Bahrain Stainless Steel offers the design, manufacture, & installation or high quality garbage chutes, for building rising 3-stories and more, and moreover, for a competitive pricing.

The company succeeded in a short time to fabricate their systems and install them in a high number of  buildings all around Bahrain, to include residential, commercial & office buildings.

Standard specifications of Garbage Chutes consists of:

  1. Chute : to be 600*600 or as per customer’s requirement, & fabricated of  1.0mm G.I Steel sheet for ducting .
  2. Intake doors: to be 450*500 or as per customer’s requirement, bottom or push-top hinged, hand operated, manual closing, 20 U.S gauge stainless steel door, with angle frame.
  3. Discharge door: vent hopper, 600*700 or as per customer’s requirement & completed with support.
  4. Vent: Full width vent extending 650mm above roof, complete with metal safety cap & flashing assembly.
  5. Chute supports: to be fabricated of clamp band galvanized flat bar & thick galvanized flat bar & thick galvanized bracket.


Optional additional Featured:

  1. Cleaning Sprinkler heads: to connected at each floors and operate manually from electric control panel.
  2. auto luck System: Lighting is connected to each intake door to work when chute in use by other floors.