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About Us

From the strength of steel, we form our theme

Since 1995, Bahrain stainless steel started expanding business in stainless steel fabrication, to respond to market demands.

As a manufacturer of stainless steel, our products expand in a wide range to cover different areas of the construction feiled. From kitchen equipments, hand railing, garbage chute system and all stainless steel interior and exterior fittings, accessories and finishing.

Our missionĀ 

Our aim for continues development of our products and quality, is the base for building a strong chain between us and our customers, As we always care for creating a good repetition for a long relations.

Our goal is to expand our field to achieve our customer satisfaction & the best product quality.

Our vision

Highest quality and best prices are the bases to achieve the best value for our products. Achieving our goals are through maintaining our high standards of management, qualification, qualities & financing to get our customer satisfactions.